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What happens when you land in a field with a cow?

So, what is it like to have an emergency landing at Feshiebridge (Cairngorm gliding club) and then have to land in a field on the other side of the river next to some cows!?

Bill Anderson shares his perspective of how he ended up in the field next to the gliding club surrounded by a few cows! 
"Earlier in the day l assisted in the launch of one or two members and visitors. Nick was the first to start climbing in 3 knots over Aviemore and others started to settle into what was looking like some classic A9 wave.
Tony and l were eager to get the Cirrus fleet into the air and l pushed ahead to get online. 
All check's complete including cable release and l launched into a breeze straight down the runway, my ground run seemed a bit longer than expected and l took off just before the tug. At 150' and two-thirds of the way down the runway the cable released. I saw the tug with the rope attached pull away l turned GCD towards the river and looked over the Feshie for a place to land. …

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