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The first weekend of August!

Slowly life is returning to our new normal.
Stewart Hills summarised the weekend, "Over the weekend we managed in total 20 Launches (19 Aero and 1 Winch).  Lots of members getting checked out and some re-soloing.  IC and I shared the tugging on Saturday and I hogged it on Sunday!  All in all, a great weekend.  Thanks to the instructors for getting as many folk airborne and the many hands helping on the field." 
Here are some of the photos he took on his flight: Tony Creswell reports in more depth about the weekend here, "members present for Saturdays flying and my best recollection was that everyone flew at least once during the course of the day.   Never a sunny day but a modest SW breeze was good enough for hill soaring although very few broke the modest height of 3k above the airfield.   Just a few mentions; the predictable exception being Nick N who with Ray I on board, went off radar down the Lairig Ghru somewhere...... Ray's after-match comments mentioned looking…

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